Znanstvena misel

“Science is a tireless centuries-long work of thought to bring together all cognizable phenomena of our world through one system.”


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Why us?

The scientific journal “Znanstvena misel” is a bond that allows to talk and to keep up to date with all new scientific views, to receive the necessary scientific information for awareness and analysis.

This publication tracks trends in the development of scientific thought and always covers actual issues associated with each branch of science.

The journal is registered and published in the Republic of Slovenia

The journal is published monthly, 12 times a year

The journal’s format is – А4

The journal is assigned with the number ISSN 3124-1123

All articles are reviewed

Free access to the electronic version of the journal

The journal is placed in the electronic library eLibrary

Chief editor – Christoph Machek

The executive secretary — Damian Gerbec

Editorial board

  1. Earth sciences
  2. Cultural sciences
  3. Political sciences
  4. Social sciences
  5. Psychological sciences
  6. Arts
  7. Medical sciences
  8. Philology
  9. Jurisprudence
  10. Pedagogical sciences
  11. Philosophical sciences
  12. Economics
  13. Historical sciences and archeology
  14. Chemistry
  15. Agricultural sciences
  16. Technical sciences
  17. Physics and mathematics
  18. Biological sciences
  19. Architecture
Publication in our journal
significantly increases the rating of scientific materials!